Meet the Core Team

Ranjit Nair, Founder and CEO

Ranjit Nair is leadership coach and expert in organizational culture, talent management, performance management and employee engagement.  He facilitates executive strategy sessions, helps build emerging leaders build self-awareness, and facilitates team-building sessions.  Ranjit possesses a deep understanding of multiple cultures, languages and industries, which gives him a diversity rarely seen in professional coaches.  In addition, through workshops, keynotes and small group presentations, Ranjit helps enhance individual, leadership, and managerial effectiveness while helping company’s drive profitability and growth.  He specializes in helping small to medium-sized companies achieve their strategic imperatives through high-performance people processes. He is a former Chief Human Resources Officer and has worked at respected global companies including Becton Dickinson, Honeywell, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Globalfoundries.  Ranjit is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Potluck Culture Solutions.  Ranjit’s first book, Potluck Culture: Five Strategies to Engage the Modern Workplace, explores the keys to unlocking employee engagement, and driving productivity and financial success through a people-first company culture.  Ranjit is also available for speaking engagements.

Jiji Nair, Wellness and Nutrition Adviser

Jiji Nair is an experienced wellness and nutrition coach who uses natural and holistic approaches, therapies and techniques to help people live healthy lives.  Trained and credentialed in India as a homeopathic physician.  Jiji helps busy jet-setting executives balance their stress-filled work with simple but effective ways to boost their energy levels, eat healthier and practice the right techniques to excel in their work without burnout.  Jiji also designed and delivers wellness seminars for corporations to enhance their wellness and healthcare offerings to their employees. Jiji is a certified Wellness Coach and hold a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition.  In addition, she is a registered dietician.

We are partners, coaches, facilitators, surveyors and strategists, passionate about developing programs and processes, organizing and analyzing data and creating value for our clients and delivering affordable, innovative and high-quality service.